“Design is not only what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works!“ - Steve Jobs

Portfolio   - Coding

Sensei.Design Theme


Starting from scratch the design was created in Photoshop first and then coded into a WordPress Theme. Within the theme WordPress is either used as regular CMS or blog system. The theme is also using different posttypes to allow the users to easily upload and update references or to create the multilingual function of the theme.

Traveling-Europe Theme


The theme was created for the travel website Traveling-Europe.info, starting from scratch. The design was done in Photoshop and the design was coded to a wordpress theme by hand afterwards. The theme combines the options of a classic CMS with the advantages of a WordPress installation. You can find a recent version on Traveling-Europe.info.

Netheweb Theme


The netheweb.de wordpress theme was crated from scratch, designed using Photoshop and then fully coded to a wordpress theme. Special features of the theme are the frontpage with the option to display a image for an article or not. We also tried to use as few plugins as possible integrating all features directly in the code. You can visit the blog at Netheweb.de