“Design is not only what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works!“ - Steve Jobs

Portfolio   - Logo

AndroidJailbreak.net Logo

We created the logo for the site Androidjailbreak.net where the logo is used on the website but also on the sites Tacebook and Twitter profile. The idea behind the logo is to show how powerful an Android smartphone can be if the full power is release.

RH Logo

The logo was created to represent a private person and is used on a personal website as welcome page. Following the request of the customer the letters are linked together and the website is also integrated.

Playgen Fanpage Logo

The logo was designed for a clan for the usage on different social gaming networks either as logo, avatar or for general branding purposes.

Traveling-Europe Logo

The logo was created for the website traveling-europe.info. It combines the stars of the European flag with the wings of a bird as a symbol of traveling.