“Design is not only what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works!“ - Steve Jobs

Überzeugen Sie sich selbst und fordern noch heute ein Angebot für Ihr Projekt an.

Profici Theme

The Profici Theme is can be used and handeled easily by users without any programming knowledge, but also by developers. The theme enables you to set up a website withing a few minutes with low effort with the ability to easily change the header and other elements of the theme. It also comes with an build in option to create static sites like articles and to use it wordpress as a CMS for a regular website as well as for blogging purposes.

Required Plugins:
- WP Page Numbers

Required Pages:
- About (Default Template)
- Blog (Blog Template)
- Contact (no contact form included)
- Partner (Default Theme)

1. Upload the theme files
2. Design-> Themes -> Profici Theme -> activate
3. Create the required pages
4. Done

Single License:
§1 With the regular single licence you are not purchasing any exclusive or sellable rights of the theme.
§2 The Buyer obliges to
1. Respect and not to infringe the copyright
2. Nerver share or distribute any copies of the theme