“Design is not only what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works!“ - Steve Jobs

Portfolio   - Webdesign

Myphonerep.dk Website

The design was created for a local business offering phone repair services in Denmark. The design was not only converted in a WordPress theme but also optimized for mobile usage and custom contact forms were added that allow the scheduling of appointments via Internet.

Conscriptio Business Series

The design was created as a basis for a professional WordPress theme series that can be used for various niches such as Home & Interior, Restaurants, Travel or Yoga. For each niche the theme was adapted to a unique color scheme. More details on the coded theme can be found at our blog as well as in the coding portfolio.


The Funtasticus design was created for a fun / humor site and will be used on the site as WordPress Theme. During the design process it was our premise, to allow the easy embedding of pictures and videos of a certain size, that are also displayed on the frontpage.

Conscriptio Blue

The Conscriptio Blue theme was created as a Premium Theme using WordPress. It can be used for various niches and businesses and will be for sale on our site as well as on well known theme marketplaces.

Traveling Europe Design

The design was created for traveling-europe.info which is owned and maintained by Sensei.Design. With the implementation of the new theme we also transfered the site from static HTML to WordPress. The theme is also available for sale with minor modifications.

Netheweb Blog Design

For netheweb.de we created a new wordpress theme based on the old theme. The goal was to keep some characteristic elements of the old design so returning visitors will remember the site. The theme is also optimized for the usage on netheweb.de.

Mortage Site Design

The blog them was designed to fit the design of the main page and also coded as wordpress theme, so no difference between the blog and the website can be found.

Orange Suite Design

The theme has been designed and fully coded for wordpress by Sensei.Design. The target was to create a simple but elegante theme which can be used in various niches.